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The five best disruptive technology stocks from the U.S.

Author: Investment Intelligence | 04.10.2021

Topics: eToro, Amazon, NVidia, Google, Microsoft, PayPal, technology stocks, disruptive technology stocks

The U.S. emerged quickest out of the corona pandemic. Here are the best American stocks in our technology portfolio. Choosing the five best disruptive American companies from the technology stocks was not easy.

We ended up with Amazon, Google, Microsoft, PayPal and NVidia. Out of the top five, we left out the biggest and best-known Apple due to its low historical growth.


Amazon is the world’s leading online store and also a cloud service and streaming company. Amazon is one of the world’s most innovative companies, whose strategy has always been strong growth. In Q2, Amazon grew by solid 27%. Turnover was 113.08 billion dollars, and the operating result was 7.7 billion (EBIT-% 6.8%).


Of the online advertising giants, we decided on Google. Our other option was Facebook, but Google’s business model is more diversified. Google owns the online search engine markets, the Android smartphone operating system and the popular YouTube service. The company has also entered cloud services with Google Cloud and video conferences with Google Meet. In Q2, Google’s revenue was 61.9 billion dollars, and it grew as much as 62%. The operating result was 19.4 billion (EBIT-% 31.3%).


Microsoft has stayed at the forefront of technological developments already for decades. Also at Microsoft, cloud services are at the core of development, and they grew 21% during the last quarter. Popular Microsoft programs include Windows, Office and Dynamics. The most popular device is the Xbox game console. In the last quarter, Microsoft’s operating result was 19.1 billion dollars. The company’s operating result percentage was a very strong 41.4%.


PayPal is a global leader in new generation online money transfers. There are over 400 million PayPal accounts, and 11 million new accounts were opened during the last quarter. The company’s revenue was 6.2 billion dollars, and it grew 19%. PayPal benefits from the growth of online stores and consumers moving away from cash payments.


In many analyses, Nvidia is considered the world’s leading chip company. Of American chip companies, it is also the leading one measured by market value, as the company overtook Intel, which was facing difficulties. Nvidia is known for its GPUs, and two of its biggest segments are gaming and data centers. Nvidia is also an AI company, and it utilises AI in developing super computers and autonomous vehicles. Nvidia grew as much as 68% during the last quarter.

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